Energy Companies

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Tasol Tasol

brand, with partners in Europe and the UK. The Solar Academy of Sub-Saharan Africa (SASSA) is a South African Renewable Energy company which is dedicated to providing ... more »

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  • energy efficient
Eco South Eco South

specific needs. On the sustainability front, the EcoSouth Travel head office is proud to be running on certified green energy sourced from GreenX Energy, and our ... more »

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  • photography –
  • corporate

Earth Power Energy Solutions Earth Power Energy Solutions

Power is an energy efficiency and renewable energy company striving to lead the market in LED's, wind and hydro turbines, photovoltaic, on and off-grid systems, ... more »

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  • renewable energy –
  • energy efficiency
AE AMD Renewable Energy

AMD Renewable Energy (Pty) Ltd (“AE AMD”) is a South African company focused on the development of renewable energy generation projects, which to date ... more »

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  • energy efficiency
IDC – Green Energy Efficiency Fund

Development Corporation (IDC) in association with German development bank KfW has announced a R500 Million Green Energy Efficiency Fund aimed specifically at businesses ... more »

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  • energy efficiency
African Wind Power

philosophy – long lasting heavily built machines with large diameter, low RPM rotors that capture maximum energy starting in low wind... more »

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  • turbines –
  • wind power
Top Psychic Herbalist Healer and Magic Spell Caster ☎ +27765274256

Energy and Evil Spirit Cleansing Rituals Black Magic Protection and Removal Worldwide Online Professional Services ? +27765274256 Voodoo Witch Doctor, Dangerous ... more »

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  • energy saving –
  • alternate energy
Aimee Girdwood

Girdwood is an energy and sustainability advisory and legal specialist based in Johannesburg, South Africa.   We work with organisations to assist them: (i) ... more »

  • climate change –
  • sustainable development –
  • organisations
African Solar Designs

African Solar Designs is a Kenya-based specialized renewable energy company that provides services and equipment in the renewable energy sector, with a focus on... more »

  • renewable energy –
  • solar –
  • design
Kestrel Wind

a Proudly South African product has developed a reputation across the globe for providing leading edge renewable energy solutions. Kestrel Renewable Energy is a ... more »

  • renewable energy –
  • hybrid –
  • wind
Green Energy Solutions SA

Energy Solutions provide the following services: Metering and verification Energy Audits Energy Efficient lights Energy Efficient water heating Energy Usage Optimisation ... more »

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  • energy –
  • energy efficient
Grey Green

Green is a design and consulting engineering practice specialising in providing custom sustainable energy solutions and project management. Services include: Renewable ... more »

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  • renewable energy –
  • energy efficiency
Africa Sustainable Energy & Environment Platform

Africa Sustainable Energy & Environment Platform is an online networking community for people who are professionally involved or interested in Sustainable ... more »

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  • energy –
  • sustainable
Alt-e Technologies

Technologies specialises in formulating and implementing Renewable Energy Solutions for industrial,commercial and residential clients. From off-grid application ... more »

  • solar hot water –
  • solar –
  • solar pool heating
STH Solar

you are a developer looking for alternative energy solutions, you’re simply thinking about cutting your electricity bill in half, or you just want to contribute ... more »

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  • solar power –
  • solar
SunScan Technologies

which was created in 2008. We only do solar heating - it's tempting to get side tracked with other forms of renewable energy (wind and Photo-Voltaic) but at present, ... more »

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  • carbon footprint
Pacific Solar

Solar supplies a Complete Product Range in Solar Thermal. Solar energy is radiant energy that is produced by the sun. The sun provides us with energy for generating ... more »

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  • solar power –
  • solar
Eco Energy SA

to as our carbon footprint and one of the ways to reduce our carbon footprint is to make use of renewable sources of energy such as energy from the sun or solar ... more »

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  • carbon footprint –
  • renewable energy

Energy Solutions is a leading integrator of solar and wind energy systems in Africa. The company has a dedicated team of internationally renowned wind and solar ... more »

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  • sustainable energy –
  • solar energy
Sedgeley Energy

Sedgeley Energy is a broad-based Energy Services Company (ESCo) that looks into both present and future energy consumption to determine the most optimal and efficient ... more »

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  • energy consumption –
  • efficient energy
Africa Thermal Insulations (ATI)

Alububble and Alutherm is the market leading thermal insulation for eco insulation and green buildings in South Africa. ATI is the proud manufacturer of this Reflective ... more »

  • buildings –
  • energy efficiency –
  • efficiency
Smart Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions specialize in efficient cooling solutions and are the sole importers of Coolerado products into Southern Africa. Because of the low power consumption ... more »

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  • solar power –
  • air filters

Solartricity is an established energy efficiency company focused on the supply and installation of heat pumps. Our water heating solutions in industrial and commercial ... more »

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  • energy efficiency –
  • solar

has been at the frontline of the solar energy business since 1992. But times are changing and the need for effective and pollution-free energy solutions are bigger ... more »

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  • solar energy –
  • fresh water
Sustainable IT

or IT administration purposes, conservatively consumes 750kWh per year.  This costs in excess of R480 per annum in energy bills to run. The energy use also equates ... more »

  • energy savings –
  • sustainable –
  • strong
The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) is a market catalyst for clean energy in developing countries and emerging markets. In this role, it ... more »

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  • renewable energy –
  • energy efficiency
Renu Solar

Solar is a division of Renu Holdings, a Durban based business specializing in sustainable energy solutions. Our vision is to become the leading supplier of sustainable ... more »

  • solar hot water –
  • solar –
  • sustainable energy

Looking for solar geysers? Buy a solar geyser from Green-Power. Start saving on your energy bill today. The cost of energy in South African is increasing. Speak ... more »

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  • lighting –
  • green power
Genesis Eco Energy

Genesis Eco-Energy is one of South Africa's pioneering renewable energy companies providing project development, management and operations services across a range ... more »

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  • renewable energy –
  • eco energy
Ellies Renewable Energy

At Ellies Renewable Energy, we believe in giving you power. The power not to be the victim of ever-increasing energy bills. The power of the latest technology. ... more »

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  • lighting

Energy Products

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EGreen Solar Energy EGreen Solar Energy

Solar Energy started off directly importing and distributing the cutting edge technologies evacuated tube Solar Water Heating systems. We were the first company ... more »

  • Solar Power –
  • Solar Heating –
  • Green Energy
Green Energy Services Green Energy Services

of Property Investment Opportunities, Packaged Design and Development Services, Turnkey Development Services, Green Energy Services and Project Management Services. ... more »

  • Eco Energy Auditors –
  • Energy Auditors –
  • Renewable Energy Consultants
Sustainable Recruitment Sustainable Recruitment

professionals into a wide range of organisations. We work in low carbon market places including renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly ... more »

  • Eco Energy Consultants –
  • Energy Consultants –
  • Energy Advice
Green Solar Kit System Green Solar Kit System

SBS SOLAR we are striving to maximise the usage of Solar Power and put the power of this incredible alternative energy source. We carry a wide range of Green Solar ... more »

  • Solar Panels –
  • Solar Power –
  • Solar Energy
Energy Saving Ovens

as efficiently as possible. After long and intense testing under optimal conditions, we are now able to prove that the energy saving ovens we have developed reduces ... more »

  • Renewable Energy Consultants –
  • Green Energy –
  • Energy Saving Solutions
Portable Solar Systems

at Addosolar, we have the portable solar systems that you have been waiting for. Now you can get energy from the sun above us, and take it with you to wherever ... more »

  • Solar Powered –
  • Solar Energy –
  • Green Solar
Engineered Solutions

engineers conduct energy audits with the ultimate aim of forming engineered solutions and determining energy consumption patterns including current energy consumption, ... more »

  • Solar –
  • Solar Energy Products –
  • Eco Solar Electric
Growing a Sustainable Market Growing a Sustainable Market

through the Africa Business Panel, a strong research tool with over 5000 participants. On the Africa Sustainable Energy & Environment Platform, businesses ... more »

  • Eco Websites –
  • Green Websites –
  • Sustainable Websites
Regulatory Advice & Associated Services

environment by supplying you with services in industry and company specific advisory and research services on the energy procurement, energy efficiency, green building, ... more »

  • Eco Energy Consultants –
  • Eco Consultancy –
  • Eco Consultants
Alububble 1983

1983 is a superior performance radiant barrier material, easy to use, cost effective and promotes energy efficiency. This product is crafted using a modern sophisticated ... more »

  • Eco Insulation –
  • Energy Efficiency –
  • Green Power
Solar Energy Wholesales

commercialize a range of Solar Energy and Backup power hardware but for the residential and commercial applications.   Solar ... more »

  • Solar Energy Courses –
  • Solar Energy –
  • Solar Panel
Renewable Energy Solutions Renewable Energy Solutions

Alt-e Technologies offers top quality renewable energy solutions. Please contact us through the box on your right for more information.... more »

  • Renewable Energy –
  • Environmental Technology Products –
  • Enviro Technologies
ABP PolyBlock Perimeter Wall Project

dividing walls of a 55 unit duplex housing development in North Riding, Johannesburg. Our consultants who specialized in energy efficient building solutions worked ... more »

  • Energy Efficient –
  • Construction –
  • Sustainable Solutions
Green SHE Legal Consultancy Green SHE Legal Consultancy

We focus on compiling and updating site-specific, user-friendly Environmental Services, Health Guide & Safety, Energy Services and Food Safety Legal Registers ... more »

  • Energy Guides –
  • Health Guide –
  • Management Services
Eco Bio-Agriculture Matipwili Project Eco Bio-Agriculture Matipwili Project

on nature. Our projects are to promote and run programs that provide alternative and environmentally sensitive Energy Solutions, to initiate income from generating ... more »

  • Project –
  • Eco Project Homes –
  • Ecoplan Projects
Zoological and Ecological Consultation

including bat pre-construction and post-construction monitoring assessments as well as mitigations related to wind energy facilities. We also perform General bat ... more »

  • Eco Consultancy –
  • Green Energy Consultant –
  • Eco Consultants
Green Solar Pool Heating Panels Project Green Solar Pool Heating Panels Project

S.A.S.P offers our consumers a wide range of options of Solar water heating equipment available in South Africa Our experience is backed up by more than 27 years ... more »

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  • Solar Energy Products

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