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Children’s Eco Training Children’s Eco Training

Children’s Eco Training is an organisation initiated not only to conserve our natural heritage but to empower the youth of today by equipping them with the knowledge ... more »

  • eco training –
  • organisation –
  • heritage
The Ecotourism Society of Seychelles

Ecotourism Society of Seychelles (TESS) is a non-profit membership organisation fully dedicated to finding the resources and building expertise to make tourism ... more »

  • ecotourism –
  • tourism –
  • conservation

Sotokoto Safari Marathon

will be sought on the basis of partnership, not sponsorship. Corporate entities have a lot to gain in any sports organisation that has well-run events and the relationship ... more »

  • conservation –
  • environment –
  • biodiversity
Uganda Water and Sanitation NGO Network (UWASNET)

Water and Sanitation NGO Network (UWASNET) is the national umbrella organisation for Civil Society Organisations (CSO's) in the Water and Enviroment sector. It ... more »

  • water –
  • organisations –
  • government
The Africa Conservation and Development Foundation

is a not-for-profit international organisation headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom. It is the offspring of years of collective and individual thinking ... more »

  • climate change –
  • conservation –
  • sustainable development
Mauritius Marine Conservation Society

The Mauritius Marine Conservation Society (MMCS) is aNon-Government Organisation (NGO) which has been operating for morethan 30 years in Mauritius, focusing on ... more »

  • conservation –
  • government –
  • organisation
Uganda Water & Sanitation NGO Network (UWASNET)

Water and Sanitation NGO Network (UWASNET) is the national umbrella organisation for Civil Society Organisations (CSO's) in the Water and Enviroment sector. It ... more »

  • water –
  • organisations –
  • government
Energy Efficiency

ISO 14064 with a focus on clearly explaining each step required when conducting a world class carbon footprint for an organisation. Often the most complex part ... more »

  • energy –
  • carbon footprint –
  • energy efficiency
Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development (NRG4SD)

Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development (NRG4SD) is a non-profit international organisation representing subnational governments and associations ... more »

  • associations –
  • sustainable –
  • sustainable development
Optimal Energy

use their consumer power to promote sustainability and encourages them to become a member of an environmental organisation that is relevant to their interests.Through ... more »

  • energy –
  • sustainability –
  • elements
Landmark Foundation

be conserved. The Landmark Foundation is a conservation NGO, registered as a Charitable Trust, as a Not-for-Profit Organisation (039 – 416 – NPO), ... more »

  • conservation –
  • investment –
  • biodiversity
Greenwatch Uganda

is a non-government environmental rights advocacy organisation based in Kampala, Uganda, and established in 1995 to work towards improved environmental protection ... more »

  • environment –
  • green –
  • management
Global Wind Energy Council

is a member-based organisation that represents the entire wind energy sector. The members of GWEC represent over 1,500 companies, organisations and institutions ... more »

  • associations –
  • energy –
  • wind energy
Centre for Environment, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development (CEESD)

Centre for Environment, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development (CEESD) is an organisation of the National University of Rwanda (NUR). CEESD promotes, supports ... more »

  • sustainable –
  • environment –
  • sustainable development
Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society

in 2006, the Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society is a non-government organisation established to help members of the village of Pusu-Namogo, particularly the ... more »

  • skin care products –
  • ghana –
  • government
Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA)

Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) is a non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable tourism development - through awareness raising, research and ... more »

  • office –
  • organisation –
  • tourism
African Water Issues Research Unit (AWIRU)

African Water Issues Research Unit (AWIRU) is a non-profit applied research organisation based at the University of Pretoria, established to develop an African ... more »

  • water management –
  • water –
  • management
African Roots Foundation

African Roots Foundation is a non-profit Community Development organisation operating in Tanzania, East-Africa. Based in Arusha, the safari capital of the country, It ... more »

  • tourism –
  • eco tourism –
  • rural
Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council

Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) is a global multi-stakeholder partnership and membership organisation that works to save lives and improve ... more »

  • water –
  • drinking water –
  • water supply
The Glass Recycling Company

Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) is South Africa’s official organisation for promoting glass recycling. It commenced operations in July 2006.  TGRC is a not-for-profit ... more »

  • cycling –
  • packaging –
  • glass
South African Organic Sector Organisation (SAOSO)

African Organic Sector Organisation (SAOSO) is a platform for the development of a vibrant, relevant and unified organic sector in South Africa. SAOSO aims to become ... more »

  • organic –
  • government –
  • organic sector
Maun Animal Welfare Society

freely and inhabit everywhere from busy towns to remote villages, we have to be the same – so we’re a very mobile organisation that works across the remote Chobe, ... more »

  • landscape –
  • organisation –
  • society
The Kenya Environment and Science Journalists Association (KENSJA)

association with membership from practicing environment and science journalists in Kenya. KENSJA is a volunteer organisation led by elected leaders who meet at ... more »

  • environment –
  • journal –
  • association
Kijabe Environment Volunteers (KENVO)

Environment Volunteers (KENVO) is a community based organisation with membership drawn from the local residents bordering the Keirita Forest. KENVO works to conserve ... more »

  • biodiversity –
  • environment –
  • natural resources
KZN Sustainable Energy Forum (KSEF)

Partnership Project and initially funded by the eThekwini Energy Office and United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO). It is now managed by Three ... more »

  • energy –
  • sustainable energy –
  • climate
GVEP (Global Village Energy Partnership)

GVEP International is a non-profit organisation that works to increase access to modern energy and reduce poverty in developing countries. To achieve this goal ... more »

  • energy –
  • villa –
  • organisation
Forestry Research Network for Sub-Saharan Africa (FORNESSA)

Network for Sub-Saharan Africa, with acronym FORNESSA. The Network is a non-profit, non-governmental scientific organisation open to   forestry and forest-related ... more »

  • forestry –
  • ghana –
  • organisations
Greening the supply chain

impacting your organisations sustainability position A framework to assess and implement green advancement in your organisation How to conduct an environmental ... more »

  • green make up –
  • carbon footprint –
  • elements
Eco Benin

Eco Benin is a non-governmental organisation promoting eco-tourism projects and local development in Benin tat benefit communities, nature and culture.... more »

  • tourism –
  • projects –
  • nature
Delta Environmental Centre

Centre is an environmental education, training and consultation network. It is an independent non-profit organisation that aims, through innovative education and ... more »

  • education and training –
  • environment –
  • strong

Organisation Products

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Hiring of Cultural Facilities

There are seven cultural centres available for usage by an association as well as organisations or societies which present cultural and / or educational ... more »

  • Conservation Organisations –
  • Eco Events –
  • Organisations
AfriCat Education AfriCat Education

After many years of working with the farming communities it became very clear that environmental education was incredibly essential to the long-term conservation ... more »

  • Eco Education –
  • Environmentally-friendly Education –
  • Green Education

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