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Home Comfort

the average home almost half of electricity consumption is attributed to heating water with your geyser. Home Comfort solar geysers comprises a hot water storage ... more »

  • solar hot water –
  • water –
  • pumps
Cobra – heat pumps

a solar water heating solution that is making it affordable and uncomplicated for householders to make the move from electricity to solar water heating. Heating ... more »

  • solar hot water –
  • solar panels –
  • solar power

STH Solar

you are a developer looking for alternative energy solutions, you’re simply thinking about cutting your electricity bill in half, or you just want to contribute ... more »

  • solar hot water –
  • solar power –
  • solar

that every homeowner can use to effectively save money on utility bills. Water heating is the largest user of Electricity or Gas in most local household. Mosolar™ ... more »

  • solar –
  • water –
  • water heating
Eco Energy SA

to the reduction of personal and corporate carbon dioxide generation by reducing the reliance on fossil fuel powered electricity. The carbon dioxide or CO2 that ... more »

  • energy –
  • carbon footprint –
  • renewable energy

is a Renewable Energy Solutions Company that recognises the importance of reducing the increasingly high cost of electricity and in turn preserving our earth. We ... more »

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  • pumps –
  • solar water heaters

a light. A solar lamp protects the environment and transforms lives.598 million off-grid Africans have no access to electricity and many rely on toxic kerosene ... more »

  • lighting –
  • solar lights –
  • solar
PDC Solar

Fundamentally, the device needs to fulfill only two functions: photogeneration of charge carriers (electrons and holes) in a light-absorbing material, and separation ... more »

  • solar –
  • electricity –
  • light

ground-source heat pump offers a Coefficient of Performance (CoP) of between 3-4, which means for every 1 unit of electricity used by the heat pump, around 3-4 ... more »

  • energy –
  • heating –
  • electricity
The Rental Company

are sometimes hard to raise but let the rental company assist so you can use the savings you make in your electricity to work for you through the rental option. ... more »

  • energy efficiency –
  • pumps –
  • led lights
Elundini Backpackers

Backpackers is an eco-friendly backpackers. We are 100% of the grid and depend completely on renewable energy. Electricity is generated from our solar panels. Solar ... more »

  • compost –
  • solar panels –
  • rain water
Power & Lighting Solutions (PLS)

shopping malls and residential property etc. play a huge role in increase in demand.  Not to mention the increase in electricity costs. Eskom is continuously ... more »

  • energy –
  • lighting –
  • property
Wheel and Water

every day, fetching and carrying water and firewood. While there is little possibility of providing piped water and electricity to most rural communities in ... more »

  • transport –
  • water –
  • fresh water

during our production process comes from solar panels on our production sites. The remaining 70% we buy is green electricity. PAR-KY’s ambition is to be completely ... more »

  • solar panels –
  • carbon neutral –
  • green electricity
Smart Energy Solutions

of the low power consumption (maximum of 750Watts for 60 000 Btu) these units can be run off solar power where no electricity is available but effective cooling ... more »

  • energy –
  • solar power –
  • air filters
Döbra Solar Development Project

aim to increase the consciousness for the environment in Namibia and to improve the living standard in areas without electricity by using solar energy. The project ... more »

  • solar –
  • solar energy –
  • project

Subsolar is a South African project development company that is focused on developing renewable energy power projects that will produce electricity from clean renewable ... more »

  • renewable energy –
  • solar –
  • electricity

straw bale, use solar energy to light the buildings and to pump water and are totally independent of the municipal electricity and water... more »

  • solar energy –
  • accommodation –
  • houses

the environment! Our eco-friendly insulation products include ISOTHERM, ISOFOIL and ACOUSTISORB. Why ISOTHERM? Save electricity -  Insulate roofs, walls, geysers ... more »

  • recycled plastic –
  • water pipes –
  • insulation
Green Africa Environmental Solutions

: Solar Home Lighting Kits are the perfect compact solution for an independent power supply in remote locations where electricity is unavailable, unreliable or ... more »

  • solar hot water –
  • lighting –
  • solar powered

solar photovoltaics is generally an expensive undertaking, there are numerous scenarios where going with solar electricity makes sense; the most common application ... more »

  • solar –
  • photovoltaics –
  • green
Global Wind Energy Council

manufacturers, developers, component suppliers, research institutes, national wind and renewables associations, electricity providers, finance and insurance... more »

  • associations –
  • energy –
  • wind energy
IDC – Green Energy Efficiency Fund

Efficiency Fund will achieve Energy Efficiency is a MUST for South African companies based on the high increases in electricity prices. Investments are encouraged ... more »

  • energy –
  • carbon footprint –
  • energy efficiency
Future Light:

We've been selling the highest quality LED Lights since 2009. LED Lights are the future of lighting, their low energy consumption coupled with their ultra long ... more »

  • lighting –
  • energy consumption –
  • led lights

on Sustainable Development (WSSD), which was one of the first international summits to have used green power for the electricity used for the summit through purchase ... more »

  • green power –
  • electricity –
  • sustainable development
Mainstream Renewable Power

The world is undergoing a once-off transition to sustainability. Wind and solar will overtake coal, oil and other fossils as the world’s primary fuels for electricity ... more »

  • electricity –
  • power –
  • renewable
Eco Insulation

fibre ceiling insulation product made in South Africa from recycled paper. Eco-Insulation can provide significant electricity savings and carries a lifetime guarantee.  The ... more »

  • eco insulation –
  • recycled paper –
  • energy consumption

serious problems in supplying electricity, and is likely to be a problem for the foreseeable future. The price of electricity to the consumer is likely to increase ... more »

  • renewable energy –
  • solar energy –
  • solar panel
Carbon Calculated

2008, Carbon Calculated has professionally measured and tracked greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water usage, electricity consumption and other resources impacting ... more »

  • carbon footprint –
  • carbon –
  • electricity

Juabar brings cultural and economic platforms to areas exhibiting high mobile phone penetration and limited access to electricity. Juabar’s mission is to ... more »

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  • powered –
  • mobile phone

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