Water Companies

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Tasol Tasol

results for our clients. Our range of innovative TASOL technologies include: Thermal Technology – Solar Water Heating Systems Power Generation – Solar ... more »

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  • lighting –
  • energy efficient
Clever Green Clever Green

Clevergreen team are many things, eco-warriors, tree-huggers, recyclers and general do-gooders, but most of all, we know water.  A franchise of the highly successful ... more »

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  • water saving –
  • green

Africa Water and Sanitation Local Authorities Network (AWASLA)

Africa Water and Sanitation Local Authorities (AWASLA) Network is an exciting new dynamic, interactive and dedicated pan-African network for African local governments ... more »

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  • dynamic –
  • office
Optima Process Engineering (Pty) Ltd

KNOW WATER We understand water chemistry and it’s relationship to differing water treatment methodologies. OUR EXPERTISE Our experience in water chemistry ... more »

  • water testing –
  • water purification –
  • waste water treatment
Garden ResQ

We manufacture and supply DIY recycling units connected to your bathroom, which takes wasted bathroom water and pumps it onto your lawn and flower beds. Easy to ... more »

  • grey water recycling –
  • grey water systems –
  • grey water garden
Afri-Coast Engineers

scoping reports, strategic environmental assessments; environmental impact assessments; environmental management plans; water resources planning and water quality ... more »

  • environmental management –
  • stormwater management –
  • water
Home Comfort

the average home almost half of electricity consumption is attributed to heating water with your geyser. Home Comfort solar geysers comprises a hot water storage ... more »

  • solar hot water –
  • water –
  • pumps
Eco Steps

systems provide simple, sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions to the recovery and cleansing of grey water resulting in a dramatic reduction in water ... more »

  • recycled plastic –
  • sewage treatment –
  • energy efficient
Cobra – heat pumps

ISO 9001:2008 certification. Cobra Watertech, as part of its ongoing commitment to Going Green, has innovated a solar water heating solution that is making it affordable ... more »

  • solar hot water –
  • solar panels –
  • solar power

Water and Sanitation Solutions” describes our true essence – We find a solution for any on-site water and sanitation problems. Our vast range ... more »

  • grey water recycling –
  • water treatment plants –
  • rainwater
Saving Water

At Water Rhapsody we both supply and install water tanks and rainwater harvesting systems. Rainwater tanks are installed to make use of rain water for later ... more »

  • water tanks –
  • rain water –
  • water
Aqua Conservation Services

Aqua Conservation Services provides products and services for grey water recycling, dry toilet systems and Bloublommetjieskloof biodynamic personal care and cleaning ... more »

  • grey water recycling –
  • conservation –
  • cleaning products
Alt-e Technologies

to grid-tied systems, we design and install effective and renewable energy systems. Alte Solar represents over 40 solar water heater agents, suppliers and distributors ... more »

  • solar hot water –
  • solar –
  • solar pool heating
ECA Technology

provision of Electro Chemical Activation (ECA) Solutions. Electro Chemical Activation is a completely “Green” water based technology that replaces the ... more »

  • water treatment plants –
  • water saving cleaning –
  • water treatment systems

Water Heating is a technology that every homeowner can use to effectively save money on utility bills. Water heating is the largest user of Electricity or Gas in ... more »

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  • water –
  • water heating

Kayema Energy Solutions is one of the few companies in South Africa capable of correctly engineering complete solar water heating systems for large buildings. Our ... more »

  • solar hot water –
  • solar heating –
  • investment
Eco Energy SA

or solar energy. Solar energy can be used to generate electricity through the use of photovoltaic panels and to heat water using solar water heating systems. ... more »

  • energy –
  • carbon footprint –
  • renewable energy
Aqua d’UCT

Aqua d’UCT is a research initiative at the University of Cape Town. This research initiative can be described as meta-research of water research (i.e. research ... more »

  • university
Voltas Technologies

proposes you a wide range of collectors, from flat-plate to evacuated tubes, U-pipe or heat pipe. Solar Water Heating is one of the most reliable and mature technology. ... more »

  • solar hot water –
  • sustainable energy –
  • future
Solar Beam

Solar Beam has developed major industrial solar water heating solutions for many Southern and Central African companies over 33 years, and has also serviced countless ... more »

  • solar hot water –
  • solar –
  • make up companies

Solien works with home owners and architects to provide product solutions for green building – including solar water heating systems, PVs, biogas digesters, ... more »

  • sewage treatment –
  • green building –
  • water heating
SunScan Technologies

is the solar water heating product range of SolarLifestyle which was created in 2008. We only do solar heating - it's tempting to get side tracked with other forms ... more »

  • solar hot water –
  • energy –
  • carbon footprint

sales, installation and after-sale service. This, together with a strategic focus and specialization exclusively on solar water heating and solar geysers are the ... more »

  • solar hot water –
  • solar heating –
  • solar
Tecron Water Heating

Water Heating was established in 1997 due to the firm belief in the efficiency of copper hot water cylinders – because we like to manufacture products that’ll ... more »

  • solar hot water –
  • water –
  • elements
Nupower Energy Solutions

is the leader in providing world class solar water heating solutions with a comperhensive range of products. • Available for all needs – Domestic, commercial ... more »

  • solar hot water –
  • energy –
  • water heating

oneSolar is a Solar Solutions Specialist. Our business is the configuration and installation of Solar Solutions for Solar Water Heating, Solar Pool Heating and ... more »

  • solar hot water –
  • solar –
  • solar pool heating

revolutionary new water saving device. The Aquatrip monitors the flow of water into a property and in the event of a burst geyser, pipes, taps left running, dripping ... more »

  • water saving devices –
  • water –
  • property
Skypower Namibia

as Solar Systems). We started off directly importing and distributing the latest technology evacuated tube solar water heating systems.We were the first company ... more »

  • solar systems –
  • water heating –
  • solar water heating
SA Solar Products

S.A.S.P offer consumers the widest selection of solar water heating equipment available in South Africa. Our experience is backed up by more than 27 years ... more »

  • solar panels –
  • solar power –
  • solar
Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council

Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) is a global multi-stakeholder partnership and membership organisation that works to save lives and improve ... more »

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  • drinking water –
  • water supply

Water Products

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Empowering Advocacy

AWASLA, we are firm believers in promoting and mobilising the local government voice into regional and global water and sanitation advocacy processes and debates. ... more »

  • Sustainable Websites –
  • Water Management –
  • Rain Water
Water Treatment Systems

treatment plant process design, engineering, manufacture, installation and maintenance. Expert process design Engineering & manufacturing Installation Commissioning ... more »

  • Waste Water Recycling –
  • Water Testing –
  • Water Purification
Grey water recycling

water recycling units made as DIY kits for the average homeowner to connect to their bathroom waste pipe. We dispatch to all centres throughout South Africa. Each ... more »

  • Grey Water Recycling –
  • Grey Water Systems –
  • Grey Water Garden
Analysing Gaps in Water Innovation

current project involves analysing gaps in water innovation. These 'gaps' include those the innovation system for water and wastewater in South Africa. Focusing ... more »

  • Green Water –
  • Research –
  • Water Consulting
Analysing Gaps in Water Innovation

current project involves analysing gaps in water innovation. These 'gaps' include those the innovation system for water and wastewater in South Africa. Focusing ... more »

  • Green Water –
  • Research –
  • Water Consulting
eclectro chemical activation

Energy • Water usage • Chemical expenditure • Production time and operating efficiency • Health and wellness of livestock and staff • ... more »

  • Water Treatment Systems –
  • Water Solutions
Dry Toilet Systems

present to you our dry toilet systems, a modern solution for an old problem. Sanitation and efficient water usage are closely connected, especially in an arid nation ... more »

  • Eco Toilets –
  • Green Toilets –
  • Environmentally Friendly Toilets
Sol+Guard GeoBubble Pool Cover

The Sol+Guard GeoBubble thermal pool cover raises water temperatures by up to 6 degrees C using solar energy alone, no heat pumps required. This thermal cover also ... more »

  • Diy Eco Home –
  • Diy Kit Home –
  • Eco Built Kit Homes
EGreen Solar Energy EGreen Solar Energy

Solar Energy started off directly importing and distributing the cutting edge technologies evacuated tube Solar Water Heating systems. We were the first company ... more »

  • Solar Power –
  • Solar Heating –
  • Green Energy
Eco Rainwater Harvesting System Eco Rainwater Harvesting System

Rhapsody is expert in Supplying and installing of Grey Water and Rainwater Harvesting systems in South Africa, we were built up since 1994 and have been successfully ... more »

  • Water Tanks –
  • Filtered Water –
  • Rainwater Products
Environmental Piping

matter how the question involving the choosing of a piping material is considered and approached, the condition of the water as well as the environmental impact ... more »

  • Water Pipes –
  • Green Pipe –
  • Greenpipe
Plantation and Seedling Bags

square foot using Poly Planting Bags, which stimulate root growth and retains moisture in soil longer and also fosters water... more »

  • Bags –
  • Water Conservation –
  • Bags Green
Environmentally Focused

at AWIRU, we are environmentally focused. We focus on transboundary water management between nations, regions, communities and economic sectors. This includes both ... more »

  • Water Management –
  • Eco Research –
  • Research
Health and Wellness

 The biggest concern for any hospital management team is the issue of keeping their hospitals free of viruses, bacteria and other seriously harmful pathogens. ... more »

  • Water Treatment Systems –
  • Water Solutions

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