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Ecosoil Ecosoil

Ecosoil was established in 2005 by Jako Pieterse. Previously he was a fruit farm manager in the Western Cape where he was responsible, out of ignorance, ... more »

  • compost –
  • sustainable farming –
  • fertiliser
Hex Red Worm Farms Hex Red Worm Farms

ABOUT OUR WORM FARMS Hex Red Worm Farms are available in 25L, 50L, 70L, 120L or 250L and are sold complete with red ... more »

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  • worm farms –
  • worms

Food Gardens Foundation

Foundation achieves community development and social upliftment by teaching people small-scale low-cost organic Food Gardening. Organic trenchbed gardening, ... more »

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  • strong –
  • gardens
Whirlwind Gardens

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work, service and punctuality. Our love for gardening and indigenous plants allows us to create amazing gardens, that ... more »

  • decking –
  • landscaping –
  • irrigation
Full Cycle

Full Cycle is an online shop selling a range of gardening and agricultural supplies including worm farms, earth worms, composters and bokashi. Full Cycle also offer ... more »

  • worm farms –
  • worms –
  • bokashi
Earth Buddies

Earth Buddies specialises in the advice, endorsement and supply of organic products for use in the wholesale nursery and gardening industry, including worm bins... more »

  • earth –
  • nursery –
  • gardening
Organic Seeds

SQUARE FOOT GARDENING WORKSHOPSCome and join us for an interesting morning and learn how to easily grow Healthy, Organic and Tasty Salads & Vegetables using the ... more »

  • organic seeds –
  • organic –
  • seeds
Kumbula Indigenous Nursery

Our second aim is to make gardening as easy and cost effective as possible. With thoughtful planning and a few shifts in garden practice, it is possible to reduce ... more »

  • nursery –
  • planning –
  • gardening
ECA Technology

 ECA Technologies Africa™ is a leader in the provision of Electro Chemical Activation (ECA) Solutions. Electro Chemical Activation is a completely “Green” ... more »

  • water treatment plants –
  • water saving cleaning –
  • water treatment systems
Earthly Directions Agricare (Pty) Ltd

AgriCare’s innovative range of sustainable growing products includes organically attested ... more »

  • organic agriculture –
  • sustainable agriculture –
  • fertiliser is a website that provides practical information on worm composting and aims to assists people to establish worm bins and to recycle organic ... more »

  • compost –
  • recycle –
  • composting
Simply Indigenous Nursery

Simply Indigenous Hartbeespoortdam was established in 1997 to propagate rare and unusual plants. It soon became evident that there was a significant market shortage ... more »

  • flora –
  • trees –
  • indigenous plants
Mother Earthworms

Mother Earthworms is in the business of breeding and selling compost worms, worm cocoons and providing in-situ training and implementation of worm farms and food ... more »

  • compost –
  • worm farms –
  • worms
African Organics

African Organics is a holistic hair and body care range designed to bring Africa's most powerful plant ingredients to you, while at the same time contributing ... more »

  • organic –
  • rural –
  • heritage
Garden ResQ

GREY WATER RECYCLING We manufacture and supply DIY recycling units connected to your bathroom, which takes wasted bathroom water and pumps it onto your ... more »

  • grey water recycling –
  • grey water systems –
  • grey water garden
Global Worming

 Global Worming produce an excellent range of domestic worm farms and industrial sized worm farms. All products are easy to maintain, will help you to reduce ... more »

  • eco friendly recycling –
  • food waste –
  • commercial food waste
The Worm Farm

Organic Fertiliser and Worm composting South Africa. The Worm Farm will help you set up your own worm composter to help you reduce your carbon footprint and make ... more »

  • carbon footprint –
  • worms –
  • worm farm
Trees & Hedges Nursery

Trees & Hedges Nursery grow a variety of indigenous trees and hedge plants, as well as a few exotics. Plants are all grown in containers (for easy handling) ... more »

  • compost –
  • trees –
  • nursery
Vertical Plantscapes

Living Walls, Vertical Plantscapes Vertical Gardens specializing in custom, pregrown green walls for all building types and slopes, living roofs and living walls ... more »

  • walls –
  • panels –
  • living
Seychelles Plant Conservation Action Group

The Seychelles Plant Conservation Action Group is a voluntary membership group which aims to further plant conservation in Seychelles and to work on projects that ... more »

  • conservation –
  • native plants –
  • plants
Izingadi Zethemba (Gardens of Hope)

Woza Moya is an income generation project of the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust. It helps those in need regain Hope and Dignity by getting them to use their creativity ... more »

  • garden –
  • craft –
  • crafts
Parks & Gardens Department, Municipal Council of Port Louis

The Parks & Gardens Department of the Municipal Council of Port Louis in Mauritius was created under the Mayorship of Mr Raoul Rochecouste and is responsible ... more »

  • garden –
  • parks –
  • council
Agriculture & Environmental Management Department, City of Tshwane

Need to know anything about the City of Tshwane? You have come to the right place. This section looks at the history of Tshwane, news and events, and the Tshwane ... more »

  • management –
  • environmental management –
  • agriculture
Savane Organic Skincare

For thousands of years, the people of Southern Africa have relied solely on indigenous plants to protect their skin from the desert sun and harsh climates. Savane ... more »

  • organic –
  • skincare –
  • desert
Africa Wood Grow

Roeland Lelieveld (Dutch) and Daniel Muvali (Kenyan) started Africa Wood Grow (AWG) in 2010 after 5 years of study and research. They first met each other in the ... more »


    AfricaAdapt is an independent bilingual network (French/English) focused exclusively on Africa. The Network’s aim is to facilitate the flow of climate change adaptation ... more »

    • climate change –
    • climate –
    • organisations
    Action Coalition on Climate Change (ACCC)

    Action Coalition on Climate Change (ACCC) is an NGO based in Kampala, Uganda. ACCC programmes focus on: Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation; Forestry and Nature ... more »

    • forestry –
    • climate change –
    • climate
    WWOOF Sierra Leone

    WWOOF Sierra Leone is a registered national volunteer organization and a sister member organization of the international WWOOF Network that coordinates a volunteer ... more »

    • sustainable agriculture –
    • ecological –
    • volunteer
    ZAVSAP (Zimbabwe – Adding value to sustainable agriculture produce)

    Caroline Jacquet Network FacilitatorAgriculture House - 1 Adylinn Rd, MarlboroughPO Box WGT 390, WestgateHarare, Zimbabwe Phone: +263 4 309800/19 ext. 202-3Cell: ... more »

    • sustainable agriculture –
    • sustainable –
    • produce
    The Victorian Garden

    Currently, The Victorian Garden products are not Organically Certified although our ingredients comprise a high percentage of Certified organic and non Certified ... more »

    • certified organic –
    • natural ingredients –
    • organic skin care

    Gardening Products

    11 listed

    Creating Your Own Garden Creating Your Own Garden

    The method that our gardeners use is a low-cost and small-scale yet ecologically sustainable technique called Food Gardening. By practicing this simple skill, people ... more »

    • Eco Gardening –
    • Garden –
    • Eco Gardens
    Organic South African Flowering Bulbs Garden Organic South African Flowering Bulbs Garden

    Organic South African Flowering Bulbs Garden was established in 1997 to propagate rare and unusual Plants, and it was expanded to include all Indigenous Plants, ... more »

    • Plant Maintenance –
    • Trees –
    • Indigenous Plants
    Organic Liquid Fertilizer

    Organic Liquid Fertiliser - Made from sea bird guano We have provided the growing power of seabird guano in a convenient and effective liquid, allowing you to ... more »

    • Sustainable Agriculture –
    • Fertiliser –
    • Fertiliser Distributors
    Organic Fertilizer Discs

    Organic Fertiliser Discs - Made from sea bird guano Our Organic Fertiliser Discs deliver a slow release source of nutrients directly to the root zone of your plant. ... more »

    • Sustainable Agriculture –
    • Fertiliser –
    • Fertiliser Distributors
    Wild-Harvested Potency

    African plants are exposed to some of the most terrible conditions in their wild environment. Highly extreme temperatures, water shortage followed by floods and ... more »

    • Organic –
    • Native Plants –
    • Certified Organics
    Grey water recycling

    Grey water recycling units made as DIY kits for the average homeowner to connect to their bathroom waste pipe. We dispatch to all centres throughout South Africa. ... more »

    • Grey Water Recycling –
    • Grey Water Systems –
    • Grey Water Garden
    Worm Farms / Composting Worms and Worm Tea

    The Mini Tower – ideal for a household of 1-2 people – included in price 500 compositing worms and set of instructions of setting up and maintenance ... more »

    • Commercial Food Waste –
    • Worm Farm Waste Systems –
    • Eco Friendly Disposal Of Waste
    Environmental Management Division Environmental Management Division

    The Environmental Management Division is responsible for the implementation of Environmental Management Systems in CTMM departments for the purpose of lowering ... more »

    • Environmental Management –
    • Environmental Risk Assessment –
    • Environmentally Friendly Agriculture
    Project in Burkina Faso

    The Forest Carbon Partnership Facility is proud to announce that the Project in Burkina Faso has arrived at a milestone of the admittance of Burkina ... more »

    • Eco Agriculture –
    • Green Agriculture –
    • Project
    Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

    At Africa Wood Grow, we sell quality fresh vegetables and fruits. The vegetable prices vary with the region, types and local conditions. Different types of vegetables ... more »

    • Eco Agriculture –
    • Green Agriculture –
    • Organic Fruit And Vegetables
    Climate change: We are in a health quagmire

    We are currently in a health quagmire because of climate change. We must adopt sustainable living practices in order to reduce the intense severity of climate change ... more »

    • Eco Agriculture –
    • Green Agriculture –
    • Climate Change

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